GOGLA Appoints New Leaders

Harry Verhaar of Philips Lighting and Ned Tozun of d.light design Elected as a New GOGLA Leading Duo

The Global Off Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) have announced the election of Harry Verhaar, Philips Lighting and Ned Tozun, d.light design, as the next President and Vice President of the association. They are succeeding Harald Schuetzeichel, the founding president of GOGLA.

Harry Verhaar, Philips Lighting Ned Tozun, d.light design
Harry Verhaar Ned Tozun

GOGLA is an independent association focused on positioning off-grid lighting as a recognized and growing industry outside of the philanthropic arena. Governments in many developing countries are faced with the challenge of bringing sustainable and affordable clean energy and lighting to families and communities in rural areas. Solar LED lighting is a new and clean off-grid lighting technology that offers rural communities an alternative lighting solution that is sustainable, healthy and cost effective.

“Solar LED lighting technology has become more robust and affordable in recent years, clearing a pathway to prosperity and sustainable development for communities who have lived off the grid until now.” said Harry Verhaar. ‘’I am honored by this appointment and look forward to co-creating solutions, models and market approaches with the GOGLA community and beyond , for the benefit of a large part of the global population and our shared economic future.’’

“GOGLA has a vital role to play in the dynamic and emerging off-grid lighting market.” highlighted Ned Tozun. “I look forward to partnering with our colleagues in this industry, who are each developing breakthrough technologies and innovative approaches to distribution and marketing to serve the millions of people living off the grid. Through GOGLA, we can work together to achieve our common goals to further build the market for these technologies in a sustainable manner, and by doing so, we can make solar lighting even more accessible for families around the world.”


GOGLA has been established to act as the industry advocate for the distribution of clean, quality lighting systems to replace fuel-based lighting. It is a neutral, independent, not-for-profit association created to promote lighting solutions that benefit society and business in developing counties.

More information on the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association is available at: www.gogla.org

25 Sep