GLOW – Forum of Light & Architecture 2014

8 – 15th November, 2014.
Eindhoven, Netherlands.

<p>Artist: Richi Ferrero</p><p>Work: Bwindi Light Masks</p><p>Photographer: Rob Portengen</p>

Artist: Richi Ferrero
Work: Bwindi Light Masks

From 8 till 15 November 2014 the ninth edition of GLOW takes place in Eindhoven. This year’s theme is called ‘City in motion’. Around fifty artists offer the spectator a surprising new outlook at the city by using light installations, – sculptures, – projections and performances. The public can visit GLOW free of charge. Over 520.000 people visited GLOW last year.

We are continually in motion. By foot, by bicycle, by car, bus or train. Each movement changes our perspective of the city and allows us to experience our environment each time in a different way. Even if we stand still, the world around us changes. This is how the city around us keeps evolving. Sometimes in a rapid way, sometimes so slow we don’t even seem to notice. The GLOW artists would like to set the audience in motion and offer a surprising new outlook at the city by using light installations, – sculptures, – projections and performances. The light art projects are connected by a walking route along known and unknown places at the city centre. The public will be challenged to not just look, but to observe and experience the projects intensively.

Eindhoven, City in Motion

GLOW accentuates the strong connection of Eindhoven with light. Starting in 1870, the matchstick industry expanded rapidly and in 1891 Philips build the first light bulb factory in the city centre. These events were the foundation of Eindhoven as a technological metropolis. Nowadays Eindhoven is a city in motion, a city that grows and evolves even now more than ever.  Eindhoven is a place where the innovation of technology, design and knowledge can thrive. Both creative innovators and smart scientists are challenged here to do ground breaking things.


GLOW was such a success in the city centre that the organisation decided to expand the festival with a separate event at Strijp-S – GLOW NEXT.  Not only does GLOW offer a different view on the present and past, but also an outlook on the future. The theme ‘city in motion’ addresses current and social issues. Can light make a difference when we try to solve problems about sustainability, health, safety and quality of life?

GLOWNEXT at Strijp-S is an innovative and experimental light art platform and a way for light applications to show social engagement. The various light projects at GLOWNEXT are connected by a walking route as shown here by Artists Leonardo Crescenti, Raquel Kogan, Rejane Cantoni in their workentitled ‘Water’.

For more information, visit GLOW.

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