New Cities Sign Up For Global “Chase the Dark” Event

The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) in cooperation with acdc LED Ltd., will “Chase the Dark” across the globe on 14 November 2013, with a series of temporary lighting installations demonstrating the power of light in urban communities. Three new cities will participate in this coordinated, global event: Sydney, Australia; Toronto, ON Canada; and Atlanta, GA USA. UK-based lighting manufacturer acdc LED Ltd. is the global sponsor for this event, and will provide the lighting equipment for each city.

“IALD’s Chase the Dark is an opportunity for lighting enthusiasts around the world to share their creativity with the public,” said Kevin Theobald, IALD President 2012 + 2013 and Associate Director at GIA Equation in London, UK. “But it’s also a chance for us to unite IALD’s many local communities around the globe in one activity that emphasizes and champions the power of light in human life.”

IALD architectural lighting designers from eight countries spanning eight time zones will take part in this global event. Each host city will invite participants to shape an urban environment with light, creating several miniature lit scenarios over several hours. These displays will be installed for just a matter of moments – the images of each light project will be captured permanently on camera and shared on Twitter using the hashtag #IALDchasedark all evening long.

Beginning in Sydney, Australia, at 7:00 P.M. AEDT on Thursday, 14 November 2013, IALD’s Chase the Dark event will follow the setting sun across the globe, illuminating city spaces in Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Dubai, UAE; Berlin, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden; London, UK; New York, NY USA; Philadelphia, PA USA; Washington DC USA; Toronto, ON Canada; Atlanta, GA USA; Chicago, IL USA; St. Louis, MO USA; Mexico City, Mexico; Denver, CO USA; Seattle, WA USA; and finally San Francisco, CA USA.

The event will be locally hosted and organized by chapters of the IALD, an internationally recognized organization dedicated to the concerns of independent, professional lighting designers. Distributors Inter-Lux, JSB, Rebel Light and StageLED will assist with regional support and host local viewing parties for participating IALD lighting designers.

For more information on IALD’s Chase the Dark, or to find out where designers will chase the dark in your community, visit

21 Oct