GE Loses Patent Infringement Suit

GE Loses Against Lighting Science Group, Lights of America, Feit, and MSI

“Because, as the parties agree, either “elongated” or “heat sink” (verb) appear in all of the claims that GE alleges Defendants’ products infringe, GE’s patent infringement actions against the Defendants are hereby dismissed. (Hrg. Tr. at 120-121). “

Read the Summary Judgement here.

The lawsuit alleged infringement by Lighting Science and five other LED manufacturers of two GE Lighting patents, U.S. Patent No. 6,787,999, entitled LED-Based Modular Lamp, and U.S. Patent No. 6,799,864, entitled High Power LED Power Pack for Spot Module Illumination.
“We are extremely pleased with the court’s ruling, which we believe is consistent with our position that our products do not infringe the GE Lighting patents,” said Ed Bednarcik, chief executive officer of Lighting Science.

Read the Lighting Science Press Release here.

14 Aug