The Freescale-NXP Merger is Important to Lighting

Many of today’s LED drivers use components from both US based Freescale and Dutch giant NXP. As such, this merger is important to the lighting industry.
As we’ve seen over the past several years, automobile makers have been taking huge steps forward in technology. LEDs are being used in more and more applications – both inside and outside the vehicle. For example by adjusting the elevation of the headlight beam, drivers can compensate for any misalignment due to uneven weight distribution, adding extra convenience and safety when travelling in the dark.
And, we’re becoming accustomed to fully connected automobiles, and cars that can even park themselves. The fully automated vehicle is a concept that’s on the horizon, and these two companies will be a large part of it.

The companies expect ample opportunities for cross-selling.

There is an excellent analysis of the two companies and what the merger means, done by the Market Realist. You can read it here

12 Mar