Free Workshop on Smart Lighting, 30 October,

Smart Lighting 30th October, 2015. 11:00 – 17:00
Lausanne, Switzerland

A joint Workshop organized by – Swiss National Lab for Solid State Lighting SSSL of Swissphotonics – Institute of Condensed Matter Physics ICMP of EPFLCSEMLASSIE-FP7

Lighting is undergoing a revolution, which has been recently triggered by the emergence of versatile and highly efficient solid state light sources. The unique compactness of inorganic white LEDs or the large size OLED panels enable a nearly unlimited variety of designs and applications in residential and commercial buildings. Aside a superior luminous efficacy, compared to the well-established fluorescent lamp technology, solid state lighting devices are especially well-suited for sensor based lighting control systems. In addition they offer an unprecedented color tuning. Smart lighting is therefore more than energy savings, it will improve the quality of our everyday-life environment.

Digital lighting: – Intelligent buildings – City lighting – Lifi
Current and future technologies: – LEDs/OLEDs – Laser lighting
LED and human concerns: – Risk and circadian cycle – Color quality – Natural light vs LED light

This is the follow-up of the Workshop, Large-area SSL held last year in Muttenz

This Workshop is free of charge including Labtour, Lunch, Break and Apéro.

Registration compulsory
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