You Can’t Fight Ebola In The Dark – Support The Relief Effort

Solar Lighting for Ebola first aid kit

When the Ebola outbreak first hit, WakaWaka mobilized resources to send desperately needed solar lights to Liberia and Sierra Leone. These are the hardest hits countries where over 90% of the population is not connected to the electricity grid.
10,000 WakaWakas are now in West Africa to be included in Ebola prevention kits containing essential supplies to help courageous health workers fighting the spread of the virus. The kits are being distributed among medical staff and rural health clinics throughout both countries. As a one-for-one social enterprise company, with your help, WakaWaka can do more. There’s three options to get involved:

1. Buy One and Give One

Support the Ebola health workers by getting a WakaWaka for yourself. All WakaWakas are sold as a Buy One Give One. After a successful purchase you will see the option to choose our Ebola efforts as the destination of your ‘Give One’.

2. Kickstarter

WakaWaka just launched a new product on Kickstarter: The WakaWaka Base! Check it out, and if you decide to become a ‘Backer’ of the project, one WakaWaka Light is donated to the Ebola efforts in your name.

3. Donate

Don’t want a WakaWaka yourself? No problem, pledge your donation (€29, $39, or a multiplicity) to the WakaWaka Foundation and a WakaWaka will be put to work right away to equip the health professionals, provide hospitals with light and power and help people who may be infected.

21 Oct