EPIC Workshop on Lighting and Laser Projection for the Entertainment Industry

Members and friends attending LpS2018, don’t miss the EPIC Workshop on Lighting and Laser Projection for the Entertainment Industry, meant to create a forum of discussion and collaboration on laser displays and related technologies.

Presentations from key companies in the field will cover the full value chains of laser displays and other lighting technologies, from components to system integrators: Lasers and light sources manufacturers (Visible lasers, LEDs, Solid-state light sources, Phosphors, Fluorescent materials, Wavelength conversion materials, Optoelectronic materials), optical components for projection (Spatial light modulators, High-speed scanners, MEMS, Active-matrix integration, Projection components, Display drivers and interfaces), imaging and projection novel technologies (3D imaging, Holography, Laser backlight unit, Novel and emerging display and lighting technologies, TOF, Pattering, Stereo-vision, Image quality evaluation, Color reproduction, Color management, Color appearance), all the way to system integrators for the main market driven applications (LCD TV, 3D-TV, Projector, HMD and HUD, Lighting technologies, Touch technologies, Laser show, Power saving techniques, Biomedical imaging, Industrial imaging, Automotive Lighting). In addition, issues such as laser safety, regulations, component price and ramp up to production for innovative concepts will also be discussed.

To see the program and registration go to http://www.epic-assoc.com/epic-workshop-on-lighting-and-laser-projection-for-the-entertainment-industry/

17 Aug