EdisonReport Announces Annual LightTrades(tm) Awards 2015

EdisonReport announces our fourth annual LightTrades(tm) Awards featuring the best products launched at trade shows and conferences in the last year. For 2015, there were a lot of excellent products to choose from.   Our sources attended all major lighting trade shows and had a long list of candidates. Given the importance of the IoT and electronics in general, in 2016 we will add the Consumer Electronics Show to our list.

There were some great products launched in 2015 and the ten best, as voted by our sources, in no particular order, are:

luxeon-5258-led-200.jpgPhilips.  LUXEON 5258 Multi-die Single Emitter Mid-power LED for Single Source Lamps

LUXEON 5258 is a multi-die package LED that provides high luminance from a single package to enable cost effective, single optic and directional lamp designs. LUXEON 5258 uses an industry standard 5258 surface mount package and is available in 24V and 96V to interface with high efficiency drivers. LUXEON 5258 comes in 70, 80 and 90CRI in wide range of CCTs and offers hot-color targeting to ensure that the LEDs are within color target at application conditions of 85°C.


Neoray Define.jpgEaton.    Neo-Ray Define LED Linear Recessed Luminaire

The ultimate in minimalist simplicity by providing clean, uniform lines of illumination in virtually any architectural environment. Powered by Eaton’s most advanced linear LED technology, the Define series delivers outstanding efficacy in a variety of profile widths. 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, and 5” luminaire widths are all specifiable to the nearest inch in length and can be fitted with standard flush, regress, proud and asymmetric lensing.


Deco versalite_led.jpgDeco Lighting.   Versalite

Versalite is a single housing that can be employed across multiple applications, offering several different lighting functions within the same family.  Replacing up to a 400-watt metal halide fixture, the sleek Versalite LED uses different mounting arms to convert into virtually any type of fixture including a wall pack, adjustable wall pack, area light, canopy fixture, flood light, high bay fixture, parking lot fixture, or a shoebox fixture—all from the same housing.  The Electrical Distributor can stock one SKU for 8 different types of luminaires.  Your humble editor has personally seen this fixture in use at Deco’s headquarters and it is impressive.


lumenetix.jpgLumenetix.   The araya® Driverless Color Tuning and Dynamic Dimming System

The system is comprised of the Color Tuning and Dynamic Dimming One family of modules combined with the araya® Power Dimmer, an in-wall integrated dimmer plus power supply. The Power Dimmer provides power along with dimming information to araya modules in multiple lighting fixtures, eliminating the need for individual drivers or power supplies in every fixture.


cree LN.jpegCree.  LN Series featuring  Cree WaveMax™Technology

With WaveMax™ Technology, Cree delivers their most intelligent light yet, enabling the future of highly-efficient, modern building designs to become today’s reality, while accelerating adoption of better  LED lighting at greater value.  Cree’s WaveMax™ Technology is a breakthrough as it features up to 90% optical efficiency and precise optical control, enabling customers to encounter a one-of-a-kind lighting experience with enhanced color quality and improved watts per square foot.


TCP Color Spree.jpegTCP.  ColorSpree

TCP debuted ColorSpree Smart Lighting. TCP’s ColorSpree bulbs include A-lamp LED bulbs that can transform to any color in the RGB spectrum. The color-changing LED bulbs are programmable to music and can sync to the rhythm of any song and are also Bluetooth compatible, allowing for dimming and color temperature changes all controlled from a smart phone or tablet.  Your humble editor has installed these at home and because they are Bluetooth, they are the simplest bulb to set up and by far the most responsive.


AAL Kick.jpgArchitectural Area Lighting.   KicK

The simplicity of the patent pending fully shielded optical system is at the heart of KicK™ and what makes its slim design possible. It eliminates glare from most viewing angles with 0% uplight. This unique optical design hides the LEDs when viewing the luminaire from behind. The essence of the lower profile LED luminaire has evolved to the next generation with KicK™. The integration of the pole and luminaire in one bold angular design brings power and emotion into architectural site lighting.


WAC.jpgWAC Lighting
  Paloma Adjustable Beam LED Track Head

An ideal track lighting solution for challenging applications, Paloma is a museum-quality LED luminaire that features a beam angle, which can be adjusted by hand as necessary. The unique knob conveniently located on the back of the track head allows the user to adjust the beam angle from 15º to 60º with ease and as often as necessary within their application.   The die-cast aluminum track head is designed for use on WAC Lighting’s W Track systems, both 120V and 277V.  The driver is created to be hidden within the track for a clean unobtrusive look.


Osram OmniPoint at LFI.jpegOSRAM  Omnipoint

With OmniPoint, the light output and placement are quickly reconfigurable via a wireless device and Android or iOS app. As a result, the user has the ability to quickly adjust the effective beam direction and angle, beam shape and distribution at the touch of a finger, rather than requiring a ladder and the extensive time needed to manually adjust various light sources. Light emerges from a small common focal point, with an aperture about the size of a 5” downlight, creating sharp shadows with no multiple shadowing effects. The resulting beam direction is manipulated electronically without mechanical moving parts for silent and reliable operation.


Murro LED_horizontal_June2015.jpgMurro LED Wall Wash by Amerlux 

Small in size, high in output, the Murro outperforms others, time after time. With unique optics, code-ready dimmability, and availability in vertical and horizontal mounting options, Murro reduces your costs dramatically. It’s a light so powerful, your walls have never looked better.

04 Jan