Designers With Light Forum 2014

18th-20th May, 2014.
London, UK.

The Designers With Light Forum is a free conference organised by mondo*arc and darc magazines in association with May Design Series by UBM. The goal of the magazines and May Design Series is to appeal to the different design professionals in the built environment.

Lighting design is more than lux levels, watts per square metre or the Colour Rendering Index. It’s about creative flair, inspirational projects and exciting interactions of light. This is what mondo*arc and darc have always stood for and promoted and the Designers With Light Forum is a continuation of this principle.


The Designers With Light Forum will offer a more diverse range of presentations by reaching out to design professionals outside the lighting industry as well as within. Presenters will include Lighting Designers, Architects, Product Designers, Manufacturers and Interior Designers. A select band of professionals who have different experiences of working with light.

The goal of the Designers With Light Forum is to combine an exceptional conference programme with a unique networking platform that brings together individuals and companies who have not previously had the opportunity to all meet in one space. For more information, visit

To attend, simply register for May Design Series taking place at London ExcEL 18th-20th May. The Designers With Light Forum will be situated in a specially built seminar theatre on the show floor of the Lighting Sector which will feature a diverse range of architectural and decorative lighting exhibitors.

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