Daylighting Group Announced in Sweden

ÅF Lighting of Sweden have announced the formation of a group dedicated to the art and science of daylighting within their practice.

AF LightingIn August 2013, ÅF Lighting merged with the internationally recognized lighting design company, Ljusarkitektur . There are now more than 60 employees including lighting designers, consulting engineers, physicists and experts in communication and culture, all of whom work in close collaboration to create the lighting solutions of the future.

ÅF Lighting regards this as a very positive development and following the merge, has lighting specialists in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Malmö making it the largest lighting consultancy company in Scandinavia.
Included in the group are eight designers and specialists within the field of daylight who can offer architects, owners and contractors consultancy services on daylight.

The daylight group has competences within daylight design, simulations & visualizations, energy calculations, daylight analyses, daylight control and the interaction between electric lighting and daylight.

The daylight group has already been involved in several large daylight projects such as the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm, The National Museum in Oslo, shopping malls, office buildings and the enormous and complex hospital building project Nya Karolinska Solna in Stockholm.

You can view more of their projects here.

25 Oct