Cyclists And Squirrels Enjoy New LED Lighting System On Demand

“The bike path in the evening was quite dark and it was not pleasant for cyclists and walkers. At the same time we wanted to make sure that the animals and plants were not affected (by too much light) in their habitat. That is why we chose LumiMotion. We are very pleased with this intelligent LED lighting system.”
Filip Anthuenis, Mayor, Lokeren, Belgium

LumiMotion in Lokeren

Intelligent Light

Lokeren city enjoys many green areas. From the centre there are many beautiful, green paths that lead to the outskirts of Molsbroek, a large nature reserve. For one of these paths, the city opted for a new intelligent LED lighting solution from Philips: LumiMotion. According to Mayor Filip Anthuenis it was well known that the bike path had a number of problems. “The bike path in the evening was quite dark and it was not pleasant for cyclists and walkers.” Many inhabitants didn’t like using the path after dark. But lighting that was placed everywhere was also not the solution. “Especially in these natural surroundings, we were determined that the animals and plants should not be affected in their habitat. That is why we chose an intelligent LED lighting system.”

Light on Demand

The principle of LumiMotion is actually very simple. During the hours of darkness, the path is normally lit to 20% of full brightness. Thanks to LumiMotion sensors which are attached to all the luminaires along the path, human movement is detected and the LED lights automatically raise to 100% when a cyclist passes. When there is no activity detected, then the system dims the light back to a level of 20%. The light will ‘follow’ as it were human movement, or ‘light on demand’.
Activity of animals, such as squirrels, is not detected by the system. With the LumiMotion lighting solution, the city of Lokeren benefits in three major ways: they provide better light for cyclists and walkers, animals are left alone without their biological rhythms being disturbed and the city saves energy too. That really is a win/win situation.

17 Dec