Crowdfunding Opportunity for Lighting Startup

Innr is a lighting solution that helps you create the right lighting for every moment, based on a personalised lighting plan and an app that enables you to program your lighting. Innr wants to change the way you experience lighting. And they have turned to crowdfunding as a way to achieve it.

Innr is a startup based in the Netherlands. For the last two years, they have been developing the products and software interface which they hope will revolutionize the way homes are lit and people experience their home environment. The idea is simple; sketch your room in a couple of minutes to get your free online lighting plan tailored to the layout of your room. Order the products and when they are delivered right to your door, install them and then use the app to control your environment. Easy.

The company has been on Kickstarter for a couple of days now. They are beginning to see some real traction, but still have a long way to go. Crowdfunding is all about mobilising your friends and other interested parties to get your project off the ground and into the stratosphere. So if you feel like doing something special today, visit Kickstarter and take a look at Innr.

If you like their idea and products, your support would give Innr that all-important leg up. And one day, when Innr has grown into a big name in lighting, you can tell your grandchildren that it was you who really made this all possible.


Please note that this is a European based company and the products have been designed for the European market. They are not suitable for use in North America and specifically, don’t have UL/CSA approvals and won’t work on 110 volt systems. Of course, if they are very successful, perhaps they will also be available ‘across the pond’ one day.

Written by Julie Allen


15 Nov