Cosmoled And Dangoo Obtain Core IP For Filament LED

The penetration of LEDs in the traditional decorative lighting market has been hampered by poor colour rendering, high price and ‘weird’ shapes caused by LED placement and necessary heat sinks. However, over the past 2 years, a new type of LED packaging often referred to as “filament” LEDs has been gaining popularity. These LED packages enable the manufacturing of incandescent style LED bulbs, combining the traditional look and feel of the well-known incandescent with the user benefits of LED lighting such as extended life and energy savings. The lamps are expected to take the market by storm as mass retailers all over the world will be introducing these lamps in the coming lighting season.

LED Filaments are usually constructed by applying light emitting diodes on a transparent substrate, allowing light to be emitted from all sides. This omnidirectional light emission results in a higher energy efficiency level, as the light does not get “trapped” in the LED package itself. This increased efficiency of the LED filaments allows for more attractive light bulb shapes, without obstructive large heat sinks that limit application use. The traditional looking format improves the aesthetics of the light bulb in its application, especially for decorative use in chandeliers and other open fittings. EPISTAR holds key intellectual property regarding the LED filament technology used in making LED filament style lamps. This patent portfolio covers Taiwan, China, United States and Europe.

Dangoo has been at the forefront of developments in filament lamp technology since its inception, presenting their first solutions at the Hong Kong Light Fair in October 2012. Since then, manufacturing has been managed by Cosmoled, while Dangoo remained the exclusive reseller of the Cosmoled Filament lighting products. Today, Cosmoled has been granted licenses for the production of LED Filaments by EPISTAR.

“At Dangoo we understood at an early stage the huge market potential for LED Filament lamps. With a previously installed base of 10 billion units, the standard incandescent bulb has been the most ubiquitous bulb in the world for over a century. Replacing these with energy efficient alternatives was the driving force behind the invention of compact fluorescent lamps in the 80’s and the more recent market growth of LED lamps. However, CFL and current LED bulbs only partially address the market due to bulky designs and compromises in aesthetics. With this license and our own patented product designs, we have an enabling technology in hand that facilitates the lighting industry to increase the adoption of LED lighting in the decorative lighting market. Taking away the last barriers for mass adoption of LED bulbs and targeting the 90% energy savings that we need to curb the world’s energy usage in lighting is our goal”, says Peter Harteveld Chief Commercial Officer at Dangoo.

The first license of Epistar’s patent has been granted to Cosmoled located in Lin’an, China. “We are very excited to work with Epistar on this historical development of LED filament style bulbs that will change the industry and the adoption of LED bulbs”, says Vincent Wen, General Manager of Cosmoled. “Based on the strength of Epistar’s IP and their leading role in the LED industry, we are confident to offer a full range of dimmable, full glass LED bulbs that will make a major impact in the market”.

By Julie Allen

About Dangoo
Dangoo Electronics is a fast growing high-tech LED lighting company based in Shanghai, China. Dangoo was founded in 2006 by Dr. Vincent Wen, a former R&D leader at Royal Philips Electronics. Dangoo is part of the Woojong Group, a leading lighting manufacturer based in Lin’an, Zhejiang, China.


About CosmoLED
Cosmoled is a Joint Venture between Woojong group and Epistar Corporation, based out of Taipei, Taiwan.

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