Congratulations to Thorn – Winner of a Silver Dolphin Award

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are annually honoring the world’s finest corporate films, online media productions and documentaries in one of the most important film centers: in Cannes, France. The international competition is open to film producers, clients, agencies, TV stations, as well as students.

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Out of 950 submissions from 51 countries, there were 206 shortlist nominees. The 149 Dolphin winners were selected by a high-class international jury and were announced on 26th September 2019. The coveted Dolphin Trophies in Gold, Silver, Black, Blue and White were awarded at the gala dinner.

This year, Thorn won a Silver Dolphin for the Category A2: Marketing Communication – B2B. The film, created in cooperation with open#121, was their 90th anniversary which happened in March last year. Sadly, Lou Bedocs, who appeared at the beginning of the movie, passed away earlier this year.

Daniela Thanner, Brand Project and Communications Manager, Thorn, went to Cannes to receive the prize.

10 Oct