Concord Lights Up The Old Palace At Hatfield House

CONCORD LIGHTS UP THE OLD PALACE AT HATFIELD HOUSEThe Old Palace at Hatfield House, one of England’s most historic country houses, now boasts modern lighting to enhance its magnificent Grade One listed features.  Designed by the award winning Gardiner Design Associates, the new lighting scheme features Limburg pendants from the Concord product portfolio and Lumistrip Linear LED strips from Lumiance, both part of the Havells Sylvania family.

Built in 1485, the Old Palace is one of the foremost examples of medieval brickwork in the country. King Henry VIII acquired the building in 1538 and used it as a nursery for his three children. The young Elizabeth I learnt she was to become Queen while sitting under an oak tree in the grounds. Now Hatfield House and the Old Palace are a fascinating visitor attraction and filming location and a unique venue for conferences, events and weddings.

The new lighting scheme reflects the Old Palace’s current usage and is sympathetic to the building’s rich architecture and design. The new scheme was conceived when the emergency lighting in the Old Palace was upgraded in line with the latest regulations. Gardiner Design Associates has taken the opportunity to introduce modern luminaires into the traditional setting with the addition of the pendants and wall lights, and the LED strip.

Andrew Gardiner says, “Our challenge was to update the lighting in the Old Palace without being intrusive,” he comments. “With their contemporary elegance the pendants and wall lights effortlessly achieve this aim and additionally, the 3000k Lumistrip adds a touch of occasion to the location.”

The main luminaire is a pendant in aluminium and glass, which gives a good level of ambient light throughout the space. These are supplemented by wall lights in polished chrome which uplight the historic gargoyles to stunning effect. The energy efficient Lumiance Lumistrip Pro is installed around the eaves and window ledges to highlight architectural details.

Lumiance Lumistrip is a broad range which includes RGB and dedicated colour options as well as white LEDs.  LumiStrip PRO is equipped with 600 LEDs and offers up to 2400 lumen light output. The standard LumiStrip is equipped with 300 LEDs and offers up to 1200 lumen.  LumiStrip comes in both IP20 and IP67 ratings, with the IP67 version suitable for outdoor use. Lumiance has developed a range of connectors that make the strip very easy to install. There is no need for soldering when installing continuous lines of LumiStrip and it is easy to re-use any cut-off LED strip.

22 Mar