Comments From Eaton Lighting President Kraig Kasler

Exclusive.  Must Credit EdisonReport.  

EdisonReport spoke to Eaton Lighting President Kraig Kasler.  Mr. Kasler explained how excited he was that the lighting division would be spun off.  He said “This will be a 1.7 billion company and we will have much more flexibility once we are independent.” When asked if the new company would be named Cooper lighting or Eaton lighting, he explained that a decision on that would be further down the road.

In a letter to customers and channel partners, he noted that ‘included in the spin-off are Eaton’s Lighting business, our global Airport Lighting business, and our Mains Lighting and Intrusion Systems businesses that operate primarily in Europe and the Middle East. The Crouse-Hinds Industrial Lighting business and Life Safety Division’s Emergency Lighting product lines in Europe, the Middle East and Africa will remain with Eaton.’ A copy of the letter can be found here.

01 Mar