The Geographical Centre of The Netherlands Lit With LEDs

Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, The NetherlandsThe new lighting of the ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe’ tower in the Netherlands was revealed on the first of November 2014. The tower, dating from 1470, is the geographical centre of the Netherlands and is 98 meters high. The lighting was switched on with a large celebration. Light designer Jeroen Jans was responsible for the wonderful design and the installation was done by ‘Lomans’. The first reactions of the local residents were very positive; everyone was proud of the result.

To achieve this amazing sight, 138 CLS LED REVO’s were used. The REVO series is often used in these kinds of applications since it’s lenses are fully interchangeable. This makes sure that all details of the tower are lit perfectly due to the different beam angles needed. Next to that, it is possible to have different colour temperatures with every fixture to create playful effects.
The REVO is a relatively small fixture which isn’t very noticeable in daylight and doesn’t affect the buildings architectural aesthetics.
With using the REVO LED fixtures, the power consumption was lowered noticeably together with limiting the loss of light, which enhances the details of the tower. The light-pollution which was generated by the old lighting system has been reduced noticeably.

Photo: Rob Acket

28 Nov