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Ynys Enlli named first International Dark Sky Sanctuary in Wales, United Kingdom

YNYS ENLLI, Wales, UK – Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island), north Wales, has received International Dark Sky Sanctuary (IDSS) certification from the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). This certification makes Enlli the first site in Europe to achieve certification under this catego...Read more..

Cibse Plans Lighting Version of TM65

A special lighting version of Cibse’s Technical Memorandum 65 is being planned, it has been revealed. The lighting edition of TM65 – a widely-accepted metric for measuring embodied carbon – is currently in draft stage and is undergoing peer review before it is released later this year...Read more..

New tool to calculate Optimized Light

Good Light indoors has spectral characteristics that vary according to time of day, personal needs, and specific tasks. In the morning and during daytime, the light spectrum should include a reasonable portion of short wavelengths to support the energizing and revitalizing effects of light. In the ...Read more..

The Majority of Europeans Want Better Workplace Lighting

Findings from a pan-European survey reveal that current lighting in the workplace is not satisfying end-users and their needs, while at the same time it has a big impact on productivity and human well being. The survey was conducted as part of the Repro-light project and engaged with 1100 workers...Read more..

Webinar – New BSI Kitemark™ for Commercial Lighting

The recording of the live webinar of the BSI (British Standards Institute) Kitemark™ for Commercial Lighting, is now available to watch online at the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) website.  The webinar was recorded live on 23 July to supplement the successful launch event of the new BSI ...Read more..

Online Retailers May Soon Be Required to Take Duties of “Producer” Under WEEE Directive

On 13 September over 80 delegates from across 12 different countries met to discuss ways to tackle the growing number of online market places that fail to be WEEE compliant with the EEE regulations. This is referred to as freeriding. The introductory speaker Peter Börkey of the OECD presented initi...Read more..

European Lighting Regulations Could Help Usher in Human-centric Lighting

Published on:March 8, 2017 By Mark Halper  Contributing Editor, LEDs Magazine, and Business/Energy/Technology Journalist European regulators may have a play in delivering the Holy Grail of lighting for health and wellbeing. A simple directive or two mandating Internet connections may be all t...Read more..

The OLED Auditorium Now Free To Browse

The OLED Auditorium is an online library of OLED presentations made by industry professionals. The Auditorium is a new and exciting way to learn about OLEDs, whether you're working in the industry or simply taking your first steps in getting to know OLED technology. Acuity Brands According to t...Read more..

Global Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting Market Worth $165.91 Billion By 2022

According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global industrial and commercial LED lighting market is expected to reach USD 165.91 billion by 2022. Increasing shift towards the implementation of cost effective systems is expected to proliferate demand. Concepts such as smart lightin...Read more..

Lighting Industry Questions European Commission Mains Voltage Directional Halogen Lamp Phase out

LightingEurope accepts but disagrees with the European Commission’s decision to phase out mains voltage halogen directional lamps. Stage 3 of Regulation EC 1194/2012 will now take effect, and these lamps will no longer be available on the European market from September 2016 onwards. This is contra...Read more..

LED Lighting Systems Shipments Are Expected to Exceed 4.1 Billion a Year by 2024

A new report from Navigant Research analyzes the global market for light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and modules across all major space lighting uses, including global market forecasts for unit sales and revenue of LED lamps and modules through 2024. LED prices have declined to a point where this ...Read more..

GOGLA Advocates for Quality Standards in the Humanitarian Sector

More than 10 million refuges around the world are living in UNHCR refugee camps. In the camps, they use biomass fuel (firewood, charcoal) for lighting, cooking and heating. The collection and use of biomass fuel imposes a number of serious risks, including: sexual and gender-based violence or assaul...Read more..

LEDinside Estimates 2015 LED Industrial Lighting Market to Reach US$2.37 B

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, reports that industrial lighting has a decisive weight in the entire lighting market. LEDinside has released its latest “1Q15 Silver Member Market Report - Industrial Lighting and High Bay Markets”, which shows an intense level of price competition in the...Read more..

DOE Publishes Long-Term Testing Investigation of Retail Lamps

The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has released another special report on LED lamps that are available through the retail marketplace and targeted toward general consumers. CALiPER Retail Lamps Study 3.2 focuses on lumen depreciation and color shift in a subset of 15 LED A lamps from CA...Read more..

DOE Releases Report on SSL Adoption in Museums – Selection Process Confusing

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a new GATEWAY report that summarizes the results of a survey regarding conversions to solid-state lighting in museums. The survey was sent to members of the museum community who had requested a copy of “The Guidelines for Assessing Solid-State Light...Read more..

Worldwide Market for Residential Lighting Controls Expected to Reach $1.1B By 2023

A recent report from Navigant Research analyzes the global market for residential energy-efficient lighting and lighting controls, including global market forecasts for light-emitting diodes (LEDs), incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lighting through 2023. The market for residential energy-ef...Read more..

DOE Report on LED Lighting in a High-Temperature Environment

Editors note; although US based, these findings can be relevant for hot climates in Europe. The U.S. Department of Energy has released a GATEWAY report on a trial demonstration in which the incumbent quartz metal halide (QMH) area lighting was replaced with LED at three pole locations along a 7.2...Read more..

ASHRAE/IES Proposes Expansion of Climate Zones for Energy Standard

New proposed climate data could make the ASHRAE/IES energy standard more applicable for global use. Addendum w is one of 10 proposed addenda to ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2013, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, open for public comment starting Dec. 5, 2014. T...Read more..

LED Industrial Lighting Market: CAGR of 29.64% by 2018

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the Global LED Industrial Lighting Market 2014-2018 report to their offerings. The market will grow at a CAGR of 29.64% to 2018. According to the report, the need for energy-efficient lighting solutions is one of the key drivers in the market. ...Read more..

ASHRAE/IES Publish User’s Manual for Standard 90.1

Guidance on how to incorporate changes regarding building envelope, lighting, mechanical and the energy cost budget in the 2013 energy standard from ASHRAE and IES are included in a newly published User’s Manual. ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2013, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise ...Read more..

LIA Laboratories Unmetered Supply Measurement Scheme

This New LIA Laboratories Ltd Unmetered Supply Measurement Certification Scheme provides an assurance of the validity of the power data measured by manufacturers when describing the performance of their lighting products for use in unmetered supply (UMS) applications. A manufacturer participating...Read more..

LED Lighting Market – Global Industry Trends, Analysis And Forecast To 2019

“The global industrial and commercial LED lighting market was valued at 12,927.9 million in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR 30.8% during the forecast period from 2013 to 2019.” LED lighting delivers high efficiency, high level of brightness, long lifespan and high reliability. LED lights...Read more..

DOE Publishes Fact Sheet on LED Lighting and Health

The U.S. Department of Energy has published a fact sheet that looks at what's known—and not known—about the effects of lighting on human health, with specific reference to LEDs. Entitled Lighting for Health: LEDs in the New Age of Illumination, it's based on a recent article by 14 leading resear...Read more..

Shedding Light on Inefficiency

The United Nations has designated 2015 to be an International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, to celebrate the importance of light for human society. The energy efficiency of lamps has continuously improved over many centuries, raising living standards across the globe. However, despite ...Read more..

DOE CALiPER Report on Linear (T8) LED Lamps in Troffers

The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has released Report 21.1, which is part of a series of investigations on linear LED lamps. Report 21.1 focuses on the performance of 31 types of linear LED lamps operated in a typical 2x4 troffer with a K12 prismatic lens. The lamps were intended as al...Read more..

European Lighting Performance Mark Launched

A pan-European lighting performance mark has been launched to certify the initial performance reliability of traditional and LED luminaires. The European Electrical Products Certification Association (EEPCA), in cooperation with LightingEurope, have announced the launch of ENEC+, the first pan-Eu...Read more..

LED PAR38 Lamps Less Consistent When Dimming Flicker and Power Quality Evaluated

The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has released Report 20.2, which is part of a series of investigations on LED PAR38 lamps. Report 20.2 focuses on dimming, flicker, and power quality characteristics evaluated with a single dimmer. The dimming, flicker, and power quality behaviour of...Read more..

The Connected Lighting Alliance Passes 20 Member Threshold

Tridonic has become the 20th member of The Connected Lighting Alliance.  Since its founding little over a year ago, membership of the alliance has more than tripled. This demonstrate an important showing of support for wireless connectivity standardization in the lighting industry. “Following...Read more..

Energy Efficiency Standardization Roadmap Draft Open for Public Comment

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Energy Efficiency Standardization Coordination Collaborative (EESCC) has released for public comment the EESCC Standardization Roadmap V1.0 draft, which outlines 116 action-oriented recommendations to advance energy efficiency in the built environment...Read more..

New Off-grid Minimum Quality Standards Effective January 1, 2014

The updated Lighting Global Minimum Quality Standards for off-grid lighting products go into effect on January 1, 2014. However, existing products tested under the current standards will retain their “passed” status until their test results expire. The Minimum Quality Standards for LED-based ...Read more..

The Connected Lighting Alliance Extends Scope to Indoor Professional Lighting

Following its endorsement of ZigBee Light Link as the preferred common open standard for residential connected lighting applications, The Connected Lighting Alliance announced today the launch of a new initiative focused on the indoor professional lighting market. The Alliance will analyse market re...Read more..

AMBILAMP International Academy for the Recycling of Light Created

In Spain, the AMBILAMP International Academy for the Recycling of Light has been created to provide expertise for establishing environmentally sound management systems for spent lighting products in developing and emerging countries. Initiated by en.lighten, with the support of private sector partne...Read more..

Color Maintenance of LEDs in Laboratory and Field Applications

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has published a new report, Color Maintenance of LEDs in Laboratory and Field Applications. Although concern for parametric failure of LED lighting products has largely been focused on lumen maintenance, color shift is a cause of early failure for some products, e...Read more..

LIA Laboratories introduces schemes for Far Field Photometers and Spheres.

The Registered Photometric Laboratories Scheme for both Far Field Photometers and Spheres will provide an assurance of the validity of the photometric data published by manufacturer’s when describing the performance of their lighting products using their own equipment.  The LIA Laboratories h...Read more..

LED Drivers: Handle With Care

The “Product Safety” column in the September issue of LD+A, by Wilger Testing’s Jerry Plank, raised a number of important issues concerning LED drivers. Plank writes that “lessons can be learned from the unjacketed metal halide debacle in the 1980s.” Specifically, safety requirements must ...Read more..

Light Emitting Diodes and LED Assemblies – Terms and Definitions

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and LED Assemblies – Terms and Definitions CIE Draft International Standard DIS 024/E:2013 This Draft International Standard summarizes the most important terms and definitions in the field of lighting by inorganic semiconductors used in CIE documents, which are ...Read more..

Newly Released ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Includes Changes

All lighting designers who practice in North America should be aware of the new, lower, lighting power density requirements. The newly published energy standard from ASHRAE and IES contains significant changes to lighting requirements within its lighting, building envelope and energy cost budget ...Read more..

ASHRAE/IES Publish First Standard For Commissioning Process

A newly published standard in the USA focuses on the commissioning process and hopes to help the project team provide a fully functional, fine-tuned facility. ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 202, Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems, identifies the minimum acceptable commissioning process for...Read more..

European and Russian Agreement

Grigory Elkin - Head of Rosstandart, and Friedrich Smaxwil - President of CEN Leaders from the European and Russian standardization organizations have signed a historic agreement in St Petersburg on the 17th September. The Cooperation Agreement between CEN, CENELEC and Rosstandart provides a fr...Read more..

Lamps Specification Version 1.0

Version 1.0 of the ENERGY STAR Lamps Specification was finalized on August 28, 2013. The Lamps V1.0 specification will replace the Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) V4.3 and Integral LED Lamps V1.4 specifications on September 30, 2014. Materials related to the specification are provided below....Read more..

Mandatory Energy Labelling in EU

From September 1, 2013 all light sources in the EU must carry an energy label, and from March 1, 2014 all luminaires. The European Commission has published the new energy labelling Regulation (EU) No 874/2012 that replaces the lamps energy label 98/11/EC from 1998. The Regulation entered into for...Read more..

ISO Technical Committee Light & Lighting

On 2 July 2013, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) 274 Light & Lighting was founded in Berlin. 18 active and 17 observer countries will be responsible for standardisation in the field of applied lighting technology at a global level. The aim is to specify global standards for internationall...Read more..

Phase Cut Dimming for Solid State Lighting

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published NEMA SSL 7A-2013 Phase Cut Dimming for Solid State Lighting: Basic Compatibility. This standard provides compatibility requirements when a forward phase cut dimmer is combined with one or more dimmable LED Light Engines (LLEs)...Read more..