New Products & Technology

Introducing Expert – Pharos Reveals New Range at Light + Building

An easy to specify, easy to use solution for dynamic architectural lighting control Pharos Architectural Controls has unveiled Expert; a new lighting control solution at this year’s Light + Building exhibition. Expert is an all new, innovative and straightforward control solution centre...Read more..

Osram Launches Quantum Dot Phosphors, for General Lighting Applications

Osconiq E 2835 CRI 90 (QD) expands ams OSRAM’s portfolio of lighting solutions that provide very high quality in a new mid-power LED.In-house Quantum Dot technology ensures outstanding efficiency values of over 200 lm/W, even at high color rendering indices (CRI).World’s first Quantum Dot LED i...Read more..

Lumileds’ New EU Ecodesign Information Tool Makes It Easier for Light Source Manufacturers to Comply to New Regulations

San Jose, CA – July 21, 2021 – Lumileds has introduced a first-of-its-kind web-based tool – the EU Ecodesign Tool – that provides detailed LED performance data lighting manufacturers need in order to comply with the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive. LUXEON LED user...Read more..

Ushio Introduces New Single-Mode 670 nm Red Laser Diodes

Ushio, Inc. has begun the mass production of HL67191MG and HL67192MG, offering two new red laser diodes (LDs) for operation at the 670 nm wavelength. Providing an optical output power of 15 mW (CW) and 30 mW (pulsed), these single-mode LDs deliver high-temperature performance (up to 70°C) within a...Read more..

New tool to calculate Optimized Light

Good Light indoors has spectral characteristics that vary according to time of day, personal needs, and specific tasks. In the morning and during daytime, the light spectrum should include a reasonable portion of short wavelengths to support the energizing and revitalizing effects of light. In the ...Read more..

Seoul Viosys’ Violeds Technology, With Proven 99.9% Sterilization of New Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 30 Seconds, Now Adopted for Automotive Indoor Sterilization Solution

The company will also launch portable clean products for 99.9% sterilization of viruses in air and surface of goods soon, delivering on the social value of “Save the People” ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys(KOSDAQ: 092190), the world’s first compound semiconductor for short wavelengths solu...Read more..

Innovative LED Technology from NICHIA is Ray of Light for Retail Sector

Tokushima, Japan –  9 March 2020: In Germany, a major supermarket chain owner is experimenting with new LED technologies that move beyond straightforward product illumination. An EDEKA store installed lights using ground-breaking Vitasolis™ LEDs from NICHIA. Vitasolis™ offers a uniqu...Read more..

Seoul Viosys Sees Increased Demand for its violeds UV LED Technology for Sterilization Applications to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Seoul’s violeds UV LED sterilization technology has been demonstrated to reduce influenza-type germs by 97%Just 60 seconds of UV-C (100 – 280nm) LED light exposure has been shown to sterilize 90% of coronavirus germsAutomakers in China are actively exploring violeds UV LED technology for ve...Read more..

NICHIA Wins Prestigious Sapphire Award with Game Changing Vitasolis™

Tokushima, Japan – 27 February, 2020: NICHIA announces that its innovative Vitasolis™ technology has been crowned the best Packaged LED and OLED Technology of the Year at the Sapphire Awards 2020, a flagship lighting industry awards competition. The winners were announced on February 13th durin...Read more..

SYLVANIA Natural Series with TruWave Technology to Deliver Best Alternative to Natural Light

Wilmington, Mass. – In the heart of the fashionable Garment District in New York City, LEDVANCE LLC, the makers of SYLVANIA general lighting, announced today its new SYLVANIA Natural™ Series of LED lighting products with innovative TruWave Technology™. This LED portfolio offers the best a...Read more..

Nichia Showcases LEDs with ‘Light so Good’

The new LEDs deliver high efficacy circadian lighting, replication of natural light and a game changing dual-colour temperature LED on single emitter to shrink optics and optimize tuning performance. Tokushima, Japan – 14 January 2020: At Light + Building 2020 held in Frankfurt, Nichia –...Read more..

Introducing the Design Guideline for Promoting Circadian Entrainment with Light for Day-Active People

Finally, the industry has a Design Guideline that we can use for specifying Circadian Entrainment on our jobs. But the DG doesn’t come from IES, it is published by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).   This DG has been a long time coming.  In 2007 the National Institute for Health (...Read more..

Congratulations to our 2018 LIT Design Awards Winners!

We are here today to present our LIT Winners of 2018 - we are a week delayed in bringing this announcement so we'd like to start off by thanking you all for your patience. And now a drum roll please... Our 2018 LIT Design Awards Winning Designs Are: 2018 LIT Lighting Designer of the Year Bike Squ...Read more..

There is a Rush to Trial LiFi According to Reports From Signify

Signify, the world leader in lighting, today announced it is working with more than 30 customers in Europe, North America and Asia to pilot light fidelity (LiFi). Its LiFi-enabled LED fixtures combine excellent light quality with a fast broadband data connection using light waves, enabling customers...Read more..

Phillips/Signify IP Licensees Continue to Grow

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, is experiencing an acceleration in the number of companies becoming licensees for its EnabLED licensing program for LED luminaires and retrofit bulbs at the end of December 2018. This follows the addition of 150 more innovations to its portfol...Read more..

New Osram Laser Shows 600m of Road Ahead

Osram is further advancing automotive lighting of the future When used in the auxiliary high beam of a car, the second generation of blue multi-mode laser diodes doubles the range (compared to previous LED solutions) to 600 meters and at the same time, simplifies system design. Driving at dusk o...Read more..

The Best Products Launched in 2018

Every year, our team of judges pick the Top 10 Best Products from the too-many trade shows in our industry. This year we considered products from LIGHTFAIR, CES, Strategies in Light, the IES Annual Conference, and Light & Building. In no specific order, we chose the Top 10 products launched in ...Read more..

Osram’s IoT platform Lightelligence is now available in Europe

During Light + Building 2018, Osram announced its open IoT platform for the lighting and building market. In recent months, the platform has been refined in a close collaborative effort with pilot customers and partners. Lightelligence, including a far-reaching development environment for IoT soluti...Read more..

The Gift of Knowledge – Elation Offers Free Access to E3 Training Videos

In the spirit of the season, Elation Professional is offering free access to an Elation Educational Experience (E3) course held by one of the industry’s top technical educationists, ETCP Recognized Trainer and author Richard Cadena. The course was held over a two-day period earlier in the year ...Read more..

UK Study: 76% of Lights Purchased Online Do Not Comply With Standard

The Lighting Industry Association market compliance boss Leva Vardanyan told a meeting of European compliance chiefs that a ‘mystery shopper’ survey revealed that a high proportion of the lighting products tested from online marketplaces have serious electrical safety risks. Read the full sto...Read more..

DALI Gets an Upgrade

New specifications from DiiA enable smart DALI drivers that can report data, supporting DALI in the IoT era, and can also simplify the addition of sensors and communication nodes to luminaires via an intra-luminaire DALI bus. Addressing the market need for intelligent lighting fixtures with sensing...Read more..

LUCIBEL introduces LiFi luminaire that enables Internet access through light

As result of a co-development partnership with the Scottish company pureLiFi, Lucibel presents the world's first industrialized LiFi solution on the market LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a communication technology through modulated LED light that enables data exchange between a specific LED lightin...Read more..

amBX uses LUX Live to show control software for connected lighting systems

British technology company amBX is to use this month’s LUX Live exhibition at Excel London to demonstrate lighting control software that meets the technical requirements of intelligent lighting, delivers to energy efficiency expectations and, most importantly, provides a true people-centric ligh...Read more..

Beat Jet Lag with Connected LED Lighting Technology from Philips Lighting

October 25, 2017 Beat jet lag at the SAS Experience Lounge at Oslo's international airport Take off energized or relaxed with connected LED lighting technology from Philips Lighting  Eindhoven, the Netherlands - Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, is helpin...Read more..

Primark’s £12 Mickey and Minnie LED Lights Selling for £30 on eBay. Why?

PRIMARK has been dazzling shoppers with its incredible Disney range, and fans have been going wild for an adorable product that is now selling for more than double the price on eBay. The high street chain was selling £12 Minnie and Mickey Mouse lamps earlier this year – and eager shoppers have...Read more..

Amazon Echo Plus Pre-Orders Include Philips Hue Smart Buld

The Echo Plus will start shipping for less than the price of the original Echo, which launched three years ago: $149 in the US. It’s also available in the UK and Germany. Each box comes with an included Philips Hue smart bulb. The Echo Plus solidifies the Echo not just as a connected speaker or...Read more..

GE is First to Launch Alexa-enabled Light

CLEVELAND, Sept. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The industry's first Amazon Alexa integrated lighting product – C by GE Sol – is now available at and Sol, which gets its namesake from the circular shape and illumination of the sun, combines functional illumination, visua...Read more..

Osram at CES – Laser Based High-beams for Enhanced Road Safety

Osram will unveil its latest high-tech automotive applications at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8, 2017. “Osram’s car lighting technologies are designed to offer drivers smart and stylish design options, but most importantly, to significantly enhance road safety,”...Read more..

Museon den Haag installs XIM Gen4

As an interactive museum for culture and science with an educational mission and an interdisciplinary approach, Museon is keen to inspire people to explore the world around them and develop their own knowledge and capacities. Museon achieves this mission by offering school groups and the general pub...Read more..

Smart Lights Can Detect Shoppers with 8 to 12 Inch Accuracy

Indoor beaconing is going wall to wall. Or more accurately, it’s going from ceiling to floor, as store lighting joins the Internet of Things. The ultimate effect is that the location of in-store shoppers can be very precisely identified and retailers or marketers can then deliver highly targ...Read more..

The Connected Lighting Alliance Endorses ZigBee 3.0 For Residential Lighting

The Connected Lighting Alliance [TCLA] announced today the endorsement of ZigBee 3.0, as the preferred open standard for residential connected lighting applications, simplifying choices for both lighting companies and consumers. With ZigBee Light Link, previously endorsed by TCLA, being merged in...Read more..

Gravity Powered Light May End The Use of Kerosene Lamps

IT IS A FACT THAT 20% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO ELECTRICITY With a growing world population, this number is projected to remain the same for the next 20 years. Without electricity, most of these people have no other option but to use kerosene lamps to light their homes. A typi...Read more..

Philips Launches Power over Ethernet Luminaires at Clemson University

Royal Philips today announced the unveiling of a first-of-its-kind, large-scale lighting installation at a major university campus that leverages Power over Ethernet (PoE) as part of the recently opened Watt Family Innovation Center at Clemson University. As a founding innovation partner of the ce...Read more..

Welcome Back The Incandescent Lamp

Energy-saving bulbs may have some competition in the shape of an ageing looking lamp with new technology. Scientists have developed a new kind of incandescent light bulb that uses modern science to ramp up its efficiency, almost matching that of commercial LED bulbs. Now, a team of researchers fr...Read more..

Please Welcome Apple to the Lighting Patents Arena – See it First in Brussels

As part of efforts to revitalize an aging retail design language, Apple on Tuesday was granted a patent for ceiling lighting systems that are currently rolling out to so-called "next-generation" Apple Stores around the world. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple U.S. Patent No. 9,2...Read more..

Osram LED Ostar Delivers Projection Power To Presentations

A smaller package but more output The new Osram Ostar Projection Power from Osram Opto Semiconductors enables customers to equip even mainstream projectors rated at more than 2500 lumen (lm) exclusively with LED lighting for the first time. This efficient new light source is the successor to the P3...Read more..

Luminous Patterns From Philips Will Let You Truly ‘Paint With Light’

Royal Philips has launched Luminous Patterns, a programmable connected LED lighting system that can help architects and designers create a striking visual statement using a unique combination of light, patterns and materials. Philips Luminous Patterns are decorative panels, which consume little ener...Read more..

Philips And Xiaomi Collaborate to Launch An EyeCare Connected Desk Lamp

Today Royal Philips together with Xiaomi, an internet-driven smartphone company, launches Philips EyeCare connected desk lamp - designed to deliver optimal eye comfort as you read or work¹. By collecting ‘light signals’ through the Xiaomi smartphone, Philips EyeCare connected desk lamp is able ...Read more..

Xicato Puts People in the Spotlight with Beauty Series LED Modules

New formulation brings out the natural and subtle beauty of human skin tones. Xicato, a leading manufacturer of intelligent light sources, announces the immediate availability of new commercial LED modules that make people look good – and feel good about how they look. The Beauty Series was devel...Read more..

First BMW With OLED Lighting in Production

In September, BMW showed their latest top-of-the-range racing road car, the Concept M4 GTS. Among many innovative features, the car has OLED taillights. BMW has announced now that they are starting to produce this car commercially - but at very limited quantities. BMW will only be producing 700 exam...Read more..

EPSRC Gives Research Grant For Blue Emitting LEEC and OLEDs

Dr E Zysman-Colman of the University of St Andrews has been awarded a grant of GBP 348,060 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to investigate how to produce higher performance deep blue emitting OLEDs. EPSRC is the main UK government agency for funding research and t...Read more..

Hess Launches ACCADIA With Revolutionary Reflector Technology

Hess GmbH Licht + Form has introduced ACCADIA, a LED in-ground luminaire family with a new revolutionary reflector technology. This innovative product in the asymmetric version generates indirect light completely without glare – currently a unique feature among in-ground luminaires. The entire pro...Read more..

Eight New Products Win PLASA Awards for Innovation

The eight 2015 PLASA Awards for Innovation were presented by Ed Pagett, Chairman of PLASA’s European Regional Board, in London last week.  The Gold Award went to ETC for the Eos Version 2.3 – The judges said, “This product seriously impressed the Judges who felt that it is a game-changer in t...Read more..

Lumileds Brings New Efficiency to Street and Industrial Luminaires

The LUXEON CoB 1216 achieves up to 15,000 lumens in an industry standard package, allowing designers of streetlights and high bay luminaires to drive down fixture cost. Designers of high lumen streetlights, high bay fixtures and downlights are taking advantage of Lumileds latest addition to i...Read more..

New Optical Chip Lights Up The Race For Quantum Computer

The microprocessor inside a computer is a single multipurpose chip that has revolutionised people’s life, allowing them to use one machine to surf the web, check emails and keep track of finances. Now, researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) in...Read more..

OLED Loop Lamp Inspires New Forms of Creativity

Universal Display Corporation has unveiled new and elegant OLED white lighting design prototypes and technologies. Exhibited items highlight the Company’s device architecture and material and manufacturing process core competencies. These proof-of-concept panels and products, including the new Loo...Read more..

Professional Dimming Without Rewiring Provides Affordable Lighting Upgrades

The new ready2mains technology from Tridonic enables data to be transmitted in digital form via the existing mains. Dimming commands can therefore be easily transmitted and executed without the need for expensive rewiring. Electricians will benefit from this new technology, as will users looking for...Read more..

Audi Debuts Organic LED Lights At Frankfurt

It seems that just about every car offers some sort of exterior LED lighting these days, and laser headlights are already on the roads in Europe. Always looking to the future, Audi  is getting ready to debut an even more advanced lighting technology this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  As the ...Read more..

Lamp Runs For 8 Hours On Water and Salt

A new cost effective lamp that burns for eight hours at a time, running on nothing but a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt has been developed by a start-up in the Philippines. The Sustainable Alternative Lighting or SALt lamp will also be able to generate enough energy to charge a smartp...Read more..

Smart Headlights Can Remember Roads and Adjust Lighting Accordingly

Driving at night, particularly on unlit roads, can be a nerve-wracking experience. At Ford, we are  developing two new lighting technologies that could make things easier. Developed at our Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany, our Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System can ...Read more..

World premiere: Unlock Smartphones With Osram Infrared LED

Fujitsu smartphone uses innovative light emitting diodes for iris recognition Osram is making smartphones even smarter: Infrared technology enables mobile devices to be unlocked for the first time by scanning the iris of the user. Iris scanning is being used in the ARROWS NX F-04G smartphone from F...Read more..

New Deloitte Office Building is Worlds First Connected Lighting ‘Power-over-Ethernet’

The Edge in Amsterdam is a highly sustainable¹ building featuring a high level of intelligence thanks to the innovations and technologies it incorporates. It is the first office building in the world to be equipped with Philips’ innovative connected lighting system for offices based on ‘Power-o...Read more..

Just Press Print And Your LED Light Will Be Delivered To Your Desk!

Princeton University researchers have developed a 3D printer which prints LEDs in layers. The research was headed by Yong Lin Kong and Ian Tamargo, of the Michael McAlpine Research Group and was sponsored by Air Force of Scientific Research and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. With 3...Read more..

Centre for Process Innovation pilots Beneq’s Roll-to-Roll ALD System for Moisture Barrier Films

The UK-based Centre for Process Innovation is piloting Beneq’s groundbreaking roll-to-roll ALD system. Acquired in 2014 as CPI’s thin-film moisture barrier film development platform, the piloting activity is paving the way to produce ultra barrier films at significantly lower cost for applicatio...Read more..

Leading Light Plessey Could Contribute To a British Electronics Revolution

Key parts for light bulbs, high visibility safety clothing, laptops and sensor controls are starting to pour from the company’s Plymouth factory as Plessey rolls outs its breakthrough technology for the international LED lighting market, currently worth some £20 billion. Small, buccaneering Pl...Read more..

Make Any LED Streetlight Connected With Philips CityTouch Connector Nodes

• New retrofit technology helps cities protect investments making ‘dumb’ third-party street lights smart and connected • Cellular network technology reduces installation time from days to minutes Royal Philips has launched a new technology enabling city authorities to retrofit existing L...Read more..

LED Lighting Offers Integrated Surveillance, Communication And Control

Editors note; Although this luminaire is not yet available in Europe, we thought it was such a great idea that you should see it. Outdoor areas are challenging to light and secure because they differ in size, shape, accessibility, location and risk profile. Hubbell Lighting and TOTUS Solutions...Read more..

OSRAM Infrared LEDs Push Camera Visibilty To 100 Metres

Osram Oslon Black for optimum camera images over large distances With the new SFH 4715AS and SFH 4716AS Osram Opto Semiconductors has increased the output of its IR Oslon Black family – for the second time in six months. This has been achieved by combining the latest chip design with an optimized...Read more..

Latest Addition To Philips Hue Delivers Total Freedom With Light.

Philips Hue Go is an iF Design award winning, fully portable wireless lamp with all of the clever connectivity features of Philips Hue, meaning that it is now possible to experience the light that you want, wherever you want as you move around your house and garden*. With five new patented dynamic l...Read more..

Pest Control Using Light Instead of Chemicals

Lighting Science Group Corporation and Intellectual Ventures’ Global Good today announced a research agreement to collaborate on the development of next-generation light technologies for pest control. Based on Global Good’s photonic fence invention and Lighting Science’s light-control technolo...Read more..

Zumtobels NOW! – Light That Pays For Itself

The Zumtobel Group have taken over responsibility for the operation of Austrian manufacturer Heron's industrial lighting for the next eight years. The turnkey package comprises replacement of the existing lighting system, installation and commissioning of the new energy-efficient Zumtobel lighti...Read more..

Ready2mains Tells Current How To Communicate

The PREMIUM TALEXXdriver series from Tridonic has been designed to keep pace with rapid developments in LED technology and offers an extremely high degree of flexibility. It features the new digital "ready2mains" interface which uses the existing mains cable for data transfer. Different casing versi...Read more..

Holst Centre And Flex-O-Fab Take First Step To “Lighting By The Mile”

Researchers from the EU-funded Flex-o-Fab project have successfully fabricated working OLED devices on a flexible barrier layer produced in a roll-to-roll (R2R) process. Produced on a PET plastic film, this breakthrough is a significant first step towards taking flexible OLEDs ‘from lab to fab’ ...Read more..

Audi Reveals LED & Laser Headlights For The New R8

Audi is revealing the headlights of its new R8 as the first of a number of technology highlights of the top sports car. The R8 uses LED headlights which can be supplemented by a laser high beam lighting module as an option. The new R8 will set new standards among high‑performance sports cars ...Read more..

Latest Design Trends On Show in Paris

New Trends in Design, Materials and Manufacturing. The January edition of the Parisian design and interiors trade fair Maison et Objet is viewed by many as setting the tone for the year ahead. The huge fair comprised nine exhibition halls at the Parc des Expositions in Paris. According to show orga...Read more..

CES Update – Philips Hue and Osram Lightify

Philips Hue George Yianni, Lead Designer and Filip Jan Depauw, Director of Connected Lighting at Philips Lighting emphasized that making Hue work with as many other systems as possible is a high priority. “We’re really focused on trying to be the lighting experts inside smart homes and work ...Read more..

Road Lighting, Fundamentals, Technology and Application

In 1980 the book “Road Lighting”, written by Prof de Boer and Wout van Bommel was published in the series “Philips Lighting Library”. It was regarded as the 'road lighting bible' at the time and was required reading for many entering the lighting profession. I still have a copy in my librar...Read more..

Nano Technology and ‘Living Lighting’

Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science that deals with the manipulation of structures on an atomic and molecular scale – the size of one billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology is often seen as a trend in material science, but has much deeper implications. Nanotechnology, or more precise n...Read more..

EdisonReport Announces Top 10 Products of 2014

EdisonReport announces today its second annual LightTrades™ Awards for 2014.  Your humble editor and a team of four anonymous judges determined the awards.   Companies are not allowed to submit their products for consideration as the determination is made based on the best products that have be...Read more..

Print Your Own Lightpaper

In addition helping us print out our own toys, food, and even houses, 3D printing can also be used to print new ways to light your house. A company called Rohinni has come up with Lightpaper, which is a printable, paper-thin lighting solution that can be applied to any surface. The possibilities...Read more..

Cree Announces Industry’s First Extreme High Power LEDs

Cree are excited to announce that the industry’s first Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs, the XLamp XHP50 and XLamp XHP70 LEDs are now available. As the first LEDs to incorporate Cree’s groundbreaking SC5 Technology™ Platform, the new XLamp XHP50 and XHP70 LEDs provide twice the lumen output an...Read more..

Single LED Chip Produces More Than 150 Watts of Output

In the latest issue of Electronics Letters, a team from Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiangneng HuaLei Optoelectronic Co. Ltd. and several Universities in China, report successful creation of a single wafer level LED chip producing more than 150W ou...Read more..

BMW To Pilot “Light and Charge” Streetlights

BMW has developed street lights equipped with sockets to charge electric cars, it said on Friday, and will run a pilot project in Munich next year that uses existing local authority lighting networks. BMW said it has made two prototype "Light and Charge" street lights which combine efficient Ligh...Read more..

OSRAM Announce First Surface Mount Oval Light-radiating LED

In our everyday lives, we encounter outdoor displays in a variety of different forms. Osram Opto Semiconductors is now launching the first LED with oval light-radiating characteristics for large screen video walls or digital road signs: the new surface-mountable Displix Oval. Thanks to a compact ...Read more..

Residential Lighting Will Never Be The Same Again

Now available in Europe, affordable, smart home lighting is set to revolutionize how we interact with our home and its contents. And with today's wireless offerings, it's not only newly built homes that can benefit from smart technology. I have long wanted to take advantage of the control, securi...Read more..

LED professional Symposium +Expo 2014 Highlights Future Technology Trends

Important Technology Trends for Future LED Lighting Systems Defined The LpS 2014 (LED professional Symposium +Expo 2014) took place from September 30th to October 2nd for the fourth time. This event has established itself as an international point of reference for technical lighting professionals d...Read more..

Carbon Nanotubes May Follow LEDs For General Lighting

Electronics based on carbon, especially carbon nanotubes (CNTs), are emerging as successors to silicon for making semiconductor materials. And they may enable a new generation of brighter, low-power, low-cost lighting devices that could challenge the dominance of LEDs in the future and help meet soc...Read more..

Nordeon’s Baldur Crowned In The 28th Annual GIO Awards

Nordeon’s Led Light Line System - Baldur has been honoured at the star-studded ceremony of the 28th Annual GIO Awards that took place on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at the Dutch Cacao Factory in Helmond, The Netherlands. The GIO Awards are the leading Good Industrial Design (Goed Industrieel Ontwerp...Read more..

Skylight Simulates Tropical, Nordic And Mediterranean Sunlight

This simulated sky was over 10 years in development and the brainchild of Professor Paolo Di Trapani, coordinator of the project and a physicist at the University of Insubria in Como, Italy. The CoeLux system relies upon a sophisticated optical system projecting a high intensity LED source (the 'sun...Read more..

A Low Cost Mesh Network Using LED Automobile Headlights?

Intel research scientist Richard Roberts has revealed that he is working on a set of IEEE specs that could guide future development of visible light communication (VLC) in cars. VLC may make it possible to use visible light emitted by LEDs in car headlights to create a low-cost automobile mesh ne...Read more..

Luceplan wins the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award

Luceplan wins the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award for 2014 with the Counterbalance lamp by Daniel Rybakken. The Italian Association for Industrial Design (ADI) has assigned the prestigious Compasso d’Oro Award for 2014 in the category Design for Living to the Counterbalance lamp designed by Daniel R...Read more..

EdisonReport’s Top 10 ‘Must See’ Products at LIGHTFAIR

For those of you who are braving the heat at Lightfair in Las Vegas, this article has been republished from our sister site; Las Vegas, 2 JUN 2014—Every two years we highlight the top10 ‘Must See’ products at LIGHTFAIR.   2014 was supposed to be our off year, but with so...Read more..

Hubbell Lighting and TOTUS Solutions Enter Into a Strategic Partnership

Hubbell Lighting and TOTUS Solutions, Inc., a provider of outdoor lighting based security platforms, announced today a strategic partnership to develop outdoor light fixtures with state-of-the-art surveillance technology. Under the new partnership, select Hubbell Lighting outdoor fixtures will be...Read more..

Scientists Discover How to Turn Light Into Matter After 80-year Quest

Imperial College London Imperial physicists have discovered how to create matter from light - a feat thought impossible when the idea was first theorised 80 years ago. In just one day over several cups of coffee in a tiny office in Imperial’s Blackett Physics Laboratory, three physicists...Read more..

Xicato® Introduces XIM – An Intelligent Approach to the Internet of Lights

Integration of connectivity, sensors and software creates a powerful light point that enables digital, networked control and efficacies greater than 100 lumens per Watt Xicato's XIM delivers more than 100 lm/Watt and the company's 5-Year Color Consistency and Lum...Read more..

Printed Transparent Electrodes for Flexible OLEDs

The BMBF-funded project IMAGE for the development of innovative printable electrode materials for high-efficient organic light-emitting diodes and solar cells has been successfully completed. Flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) with transparent electrodes. Photo  Fraunhofer COMEDD ...Read more..

Office Space in Berlin Benefits From New Rectangular Beam LED

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="237"] Office space in Berlin by Stratas, featuring XLM by Xicato[/caption] Lighting designers continue to benefit from the advances being made with LED technology. Their basket of tools is growing almost daily. More than 20 years ago, high output halogen...Read more..

Soraa Launches High Colour Rendering, Line Voltage GU10 230V LED Lamps

Soraa, a leader in GaN on GaN™ (gallium nitride on gallium nitride) LED technology, launched today the first line of high color and white rendering, high light output LED GU10 230V dimmable lamps. Uniquely, the company has released a 10o spot version, not available in halogen or from other LED man...Read more..

Shade Wins Elle Decoration China Award

Paul Cocksedge's Shade light for FLOS is the winner of the Lighting category by Elle Decoration China for the Elle Deco International Design Awards (EDIDA). According to the judges, “Shade redefined the word 'lampshade' and its fixed perspective. We like its unassuming form encapsulating ...Read more..

Laser Blade From iGuzzini Delivers Invisible Light

Invisible light. The horizontal plane is perfectly lit, without any indication of where the light is coming from. The innovative micro-reflector generates lighting which is pleasant for the eye and the space. The optical unit is carefully designed. Laser Blade’s high definition micro-reflector...Read more..

4000 Lumen Light Density Breakthrough For Xicato

New 4000 lumen option retains colour consistency and delivers high centre-beam candlepower and narrow beams.  Xicato, a leading developer of superior light quality from LED modules, announced today that its 4000 lumen XSM LED module achieves new levels of light output and light density without inc...Read more..

New OLED Patent Newsletter

Global IP News has announced the introduction of the world's first-of-its-kind OLED patent information service. This service is designed to help your company to stay on top of the patent developments in the OLED field. Some of the key benefits of the newsletter service are: • Keeps you abre...Read more..

Zumtobel Offer Configuration of Luminaire Variants Using MyPRODUCT

Zumtobel now makes it possible for you to configure luminaires on its website yourself, according to your personal requirements. This means that more than 1,000,000 alternatives are, in effect, added to the product catalogue. In order to create a custom product variant, simply select the prod...Read more..

Philips and Desso Partner to Develop Light Transmissive Carpets

LED light transmissive carpets to provide information, direction, inspiration and safety in offices, hotels and public buildings Philips and Desso - global leaders in lighting and carpets respectively - today announce a partnership agreement to develop solutions that combine LED lighting with light...Read more..

Crowdfunding Opportunity for Lighting Startup

Innr is a lighting solution that helps you create the right lighting for every moment, based on a personalised lighting plan and an app that enables you to program your lighting. Innr wants to change the way you experience lighting. And they have turned to crowdfunding as a way to achieve it. ...Read more..

Smart Highways Win Clever Awards

Designer and innovator Daan Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure presented the first prototypes of the ‘Smart Highway’ during the Dutch Design Week last month. Using the latest techniques available, they are building the first ‘Smart Highways’ in Europe; roads that are more sustainable, s...Read more..

OLED Emergency Lighting From ETAP

Using Philips Lumiblade panels, ETAP launches the world's first OLED emergency-lighting. With K4, ETAP introduces an absolute first for emergency lighting. The new ETAP signage series uses OLED technology resulting in a perfectly illuminated exit sign in a super slim and discreet design. In ...Read more..

Samsung LM561B LED Package Certified to LM-80

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. have announced that the LM561B, a high-efficacy mid-power LED package has been LM-80 certified. LM-80 is a widely observed test for lumen maintenance developed and accredited by U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program. “Through the LM-80 standard testing,...Read more..

Worlds First UV Powered Pathway of Light

The material that is sprayed onto the pathway of the Cambridge (UK) park absorbs and stores energy from ambient light (UV rays) during the day, then releases this energy at night allowing the particles to glow. The result is a sparkling moat of silvery pricks of light. Pro-Teq Surfacing (UK) Ltd,...Read more..

Waldman Lighting for Industrial Work Stations

High lighting quality, ergonomic perfection, and optimum efficiency are decisive factors for LED lighting concepts for industrial work stations. However, system components that are ideally combined are necessary for this. Complete LED lighting solutions for any special requirements are possible with...Read more..

Bridgelux V Series Chip-on-Board LED array

Bridgelux introduces a new line of Chip-on-Board LED array products called the Bridgelux V Series. These light engines extend the technology and performance of the company’s Vero line, feature high flux density in small source size packages and are well suited for sub-1,000 lumen commercial and re...Read more..

Siso Floor Lamp – Pure Design

You might be forgiven for thinking that your editor inserted the picture upside down. But no, this is a floor lamp and not a suspended ceiling luminaire. Although of course, there is a whole family available from Estiluz, a Spanish luminaire manufacturer based in Girona. siso P-2998 ...Read more..

Laser Lighting Headlights? Not Anytime Soon

To see what is hot, you often have to look no further than the latest car show. But this time, even the 'concept cars' are a bit ahead of themselves. Automakers have been teasing us with demonstrations of laser headlights, but don't hold your breath, says a senior executive at Audi. Wolfgang Huhn...Read more..

CREE Introduces New Lighting LEDs

XLamp XQ-E LEDs Deliver Big Performance in a Tiny Package The new XLamp® XQ-E LED family enables lighting manufacturers to significantly reduce the size and total cost of their LED luminaires without sacrificing light output, efficacy or reliability. They pack the lighting-class performance of...Read more..

Cap – a flexible OLED luminaire

Studio Tim Mackerodt presents the Cap flexible OLED luminaire. This cooperation project involving specialists in lighting component solutions and OLED modules from Tridonic is being showcased at the "blickfang selected" international design exhibition in Hamburg (September 27 to 29, 2013). Cap...Read more..

Chromlech Introduces Elidy Strip at PLASA

Chromlech, Brittany-based manufacturers of specialist lighting fixtures including the award-winning Elidy LED matrix fixture and Gleamer low-voltage dimmer, will be exhibiting at PLASA 2013 in the White Light Zone on Stand F39. Elidy, the world’s first LED matrix fixture capable of projecting v...Read more..

R2Flex – Roll to Roll OLED

Tridonic Dresden and Fraunhofer COMEDD present a desk luminaire with flexible OLED. The joint OLED project known as R2Flex has been successfully completed. As a result, Fraunhofer COMEDD and Tridonic Dresden (formerly LEDON OLED Lighting) have presented a demonstrator of a desk luminaire using f...Read more..

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Introduces SOLERIQ S 13

The SOLERIQ S 13 has a small illuminated surface and high brightness of 1,500 lm OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has announced the newest member of its high-power SOLERIQ family of LEDs, the SOLERIQ S 13. The tiny LED boasts high brightness from a light emitting surface (LES) measuring just 13.5 mm in ...Read more..

Compact Linear Translation Stage for Nanopositioning

Auburn, MA – precision motion specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) LP – offers a new type of positioning stage based on a miniaturized ceramic inertia drive. The PI miCos LPS-45 linear translation stage is designed to position samples along a precisely guided path with distances up to 1 inch. T...Read more..