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LIGHTINGEUROPE: New Lighting Industry Trade Association

On 5 December 2012, leading industry representatives met in Brussels to formalize and launch LightingEurope, the new voice of the lighting industry in Europe. This new association represents European lighting companies, including SME’s active in consumer and/or professional lighting as well as nat...Read more..

Professional and Trade Associations

There are many professional and trade associations around the world that have an interest in the art and science of lighting. Many promote good lighting practices and further the profession by developing standards and guides, and by certifying their members. An overview of known certifications can b...Read more..

Lighting Design Certifications

Lighting designers are as diverse as the types of projects they design. Architectural lighting designers, contractors, electrical engineers, interior designers, architects, and even sales reps all provide lighting design services – at many levels of complexity and quality. We’ve all seen poor...Read more..