In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the LIGHTFAIR® International 2014 Conference curriculum will champion integrated design as a central theme linking all courses, workshops and seminars in common focus to illustrate how technology, tools, problem-solving and inspiration converge in contemporary practice.  The integrated design focus is advanced by the 2014 LFI Conference Advisory Committee to recognize the need for the creation of socially responsible, effective and aesthetically pleasing environments.

With integrated design as its platform, the LIGHTFAIR 2014 Conference will create a vibrant atmosphere in which experts from diverse disciplines come together to present, discuss, debate, exchange and explore best practices and emerging concepts. Presenters, groups and panels all are encouraged to address integrated design practices.


LIGHTFAIR 2014 invites you to answer the call. Share your knowledge and perspectives on how a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach can improve design outcomes for the betterment of the human experience.

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Theme Areas

Inspiration sessions address rule-breakers, creators of new pathways, re-defining the human experience within the built environment. Tell us what feeds your passion!

Technology and Tools sessions should address new and innovative elements. Subjects might include software, sources, luminaire components, controls, alternative/solar energy sources, daylighting and beyond.

Problem-Solving sessions address the process of achieving a viable solution through the successful combination of ideas. Situations may range from business-related issues to technology and design.

Integrated Design sessions address the holistic design process of a product or an environment that incorporates the collaboration of design professionals, manufacturers, builders, owners and/or occupants. Case studies or in-depth review of solutions that emphasize how the collaborative process affected the outcome are encouraged.

16 Aug