Audi Debuts Organic LED Lights At Frankfurt

It seems that just about every car offers some sort of exterior LED lighting these days, and laser headlights are already on the roads in Europe. Always looking to the future, Audi  is getting ready to debut an even more advanced lighting technology this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  As the self-proclaimed “leading brand in automotive lighting technology,” Audi will show off its Matrix OLED (organic light emitting diode) lights on a yet-to-be-named concept vehicle,  and Audi has released a brief teaser video for the new lights.

OLEDs use thin layers of organic semiconductor material just a thousandth of a millimeter thick to produce a lighting element that not only offers unique lighting solutions but also open up new possibilities for vehicle design. The OLEDs debuting in Frankfurt will be for the taillights of the concept, and will have a three-dimensional appearance.

The video gives a brief yet effective lesson on the history of headlights. In a related item, a recent TopSpeed feature breaks down what types of headlights  are best.

03 Aug