Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) Conference

2 – 4th September, 2014.
Leicester, UK.

ALAN2014 will examine the full use of artificial lighting at night, as well as the spectrum of adverse effects that artificial outdoor light at night may cause, often known collectively as “light pollution”. The conference should be of interest to scientific, social science and legal academics, as well as regulators and lighting professionals.

The conference, which is being hosted by Leicester De Montfort Law School, De Montfort University, is being co organised with the EU COST Action LoNNe (Loss of the Night Network), and in association with the International Dark Sky Association.

The three day event will consist of both plenary speakers and streams focusing on the following major themes.

Biology and Ecology
Evolutionary Adaptation
Food Webs

Legislation and Outdoor Lighting Governance
Lighting Conflicts
Outdoor Lighting Practices
Perceptions of Night
Preservation of Natural Areas

Circadian Rhythm Disruption
Exposure to Outdoor and Indoor Light
Illness Related to Artificial Light at Night

Measurement and Modeling
Human Exposure Modeling
Models of Light Propagation
Remote Sensing
Street Lighting
Urban and Pristine Areas

Technology and Design
Architectural Lighting
Energy Efficiency
Outdoor Planning and Concepts
Outdoor Advertising Street Lighting
Trends in Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

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If you would like to submit a paper to present at the conference, please send abstracts of no more than 300 words to Katie Scott,


Please state which of the above major themes you wish the abstract to be considered for, and please include your name (title if you wish to use one), institution or affiliation, abstract title and contact details (e.g. email).


Monday 19th of May  2014.
Successful applicants will be contacted at the beginning of June.

13 May