Amsterdam Light Festival 2014 – 2015

27th November, 2014 – 18th January, 2015.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The theme for this year’s festival, ‘A Bright City’, challenges artists to create a tribute to life the city. The resulting artworks present a unique take on the modern city of Amsterdam. Forty pieces of art, setting the city in a completely new light, will brighten up the inner city of Amsterdam this winter. The magical artworks are designed and created by architects and artists from nine different countries, including: Brasil, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania and Chile. Representing the lighting world is sponsor Zumtobel, whose Chief Design & Marketing Officer,  Rogier van der Heide is artistic director of Amsterdam Light Festival.
From the 27th of November the boat tour Water Colors opens with artworks by Jacques Rival, Angus Muir, alaa minawi and many more. Additionally from the 11th of December 15 artworks will light up the walking tour ‘Illuminade’ in the area Plantage in Amsterdam. These pieces of art are slightly more experimental by nature, mostly developed by young talent like Lisa van Noorden, Hagar Elazari, Julian van Buul en Vincent Vriens. All pieces of art are freely accessible.

For more information, visit Amsterdam Light Festival.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is the result of a joint venture between the cultural institutions, the municipality, knowledge institutes and businesses in Amsterdam.  It is unprecedented that so many parties of all sorts have made such a huge joint effort to make this festival happen and to reinforce the qualities of Amsterdam. The festival was established thanks to a unique funding. Many parties have sponsored the Amsterdam Light Festival (which has been granted the ANBI status) through funds or in kind. Crowd funding has also played a significant role, and hotels and restaurants donate a portion of their income! Partners from all kinds of industries have put the focus on Light through their winter program. Many, many volunteers work selflessly and with great enthusiasm throughout the festival.

Thanks to the festival, the city of Amsterdam is enriched and illuminated with art that changes public space during the darkest time of the year, art to which the spectator will have a surprised, enthusiastic or playful response.


28 Nov