Amir Zoufonoun – Xicato’s new CEO

Xicato is pleased to announce the appointment of Amir Zoufonoun as President and CEO upon the retirement of co-founder Menko de Roos. The appointment takes effect as of 1st August 2018.

As founder and CEO of multiple venture-backed companies, Amir brings more than 25 years of technology innovation and leadership experience in wireless networking systems and solutions.

Menko comments: “I am confident I am leaving Xicato in the hands of someone who can guide the company as Lighting becomes smarter and more connected. Amir brings a background in wireless networking that is critical to Xicato’s future, and has the intellect, the enthusiasm, the respect for our culture and the trust of our investors that will make it possible.”

Amir adds: “With a solid team, a global installed base of marquee customers, and a best-of-breed product portfolio, Xicato is in a unique position from which to innovate and expand its footprint in both lighting and smart connected-lighting controls. I am eager to meet the design community, our customers and our partners, and learn how we can better align our goals and strategies in order to maximize our mutual growth opportunities within this exciting market.”


07 Aug