2nd International Trends in Lighting Event – TiL 2018

September 25-27, 2018
Opera House Bregenz, Austria

TiL is the unique, international “Innovation in Light” event, that is dedicated to bridging the gap between technologies and applications. The aim of TiL is to be the “incubator in light” for ideas, processing, optimizations and applications of lighting technologies.

Whether you are an architectural lighting designer, architect, industrial designer, healthcare innovator, advertising agency, automotive strategist, mobility designer, agriculture innovator, entertainment professional, education facility manager, project developer, urbanist, car designer, or investment consultants… TiL will reinvigorate your thinking about light in your industry.

You will learn from the most compelling innovators, inventors and industry leaders. TiL empowers and encourages you to create value with light.

Throughout its modern history, light has been the arena of specialists: architects and lighting designers working with complex technology for which one had to be “educated”. Now, in the digital age, Light is perceived differently: In different applications, light now easily adds different values, ranging from “health and wellbeing” to “light that sells” and “connected light”.

Rogier van der Heide is a master of light, a provocateur and a futurist, and he is on a mission to curate an event that will empower and inspire everyone. As Rogier explains: “The digital transformation of lighting creates not just new technical possibilities: it empowers professionals of all backgrounds to create meaningful solutions with light. At Trends in Lighting, our four knowledge tracks will enable everyone to discover the incredible breadth of digital lighting applications, and to exchange passion, expertise and enthusiasm”.

Digitization and connectivity have revolutionized lighting design, transforming it into a multidisciplinary service, one that plays an integral part in architecture, aesthetics, behavioural sciences and technologies.

Today, lighting designs must adopt​ a human centric approach. Designs for smart buildings and cities must be agile to keep up with rapidly changing user behaviours and new functionality requirements.

By bringing together the most fascinating innovators, inventors and industry leaders TiL will inspire and encourage attendees to build a future for lighting design that is relevant and secure.

TiL is co-hosted with LpS, the leading international lighting technologies event for design, testing and production of lighting systems, controls and equipment.

Creating Value with Light. TiL is all about sharing talent and passion.

17 Aug